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Stop the “Toilet to Tap” pressured sewer line in UC!

City APPROVES a high pressure sewer line in UC!

The Pure Water Project (AKA: “Toilet to Tap Project”) received a unanimous vote from our city council.




Checks should be made out to “UCCF”


5644 Lamas St.

San Diego,  CA  92122


Why do you care?

  • A High pressure (250PSI) sewer line will run through Clairemont up Genesee right through the heart of our community NEXT YEAR!
  • The pressurized line will be buried six feet putting our community at risk of injury and contamination when a break occurs (it will break)!
  • This line will feed raw sewage to the reclamation plant in Miramar where water will be extracted, “purified” and introduced to your water supply!
  • Vent pipes will be positioned at each hilltop including the Genesee and Governor intersection. Near our schools, temples and businesses.

Are you willing to let that happen?

This are much more than just temporary construction concerns here; health hazards, safety, traffic control, environmental problems. it means that U.C. may be called the “smelliest“, unsafe, most congested community in San Diego having a direct impact on property values.


What can you do?

  • Donate to bring a lawsuit against the city:
  • Join UCCA, UCCF and University City Planning Group to fight this battle and take back our community!
  • Email our councilwoman Barbara Bry at

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